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The Plastic Planet Challenge

Let’s Get Going!

Kids! Earn your Ocean Protector Certificates


Help beat plastic pollution by taking part in the Kids Plastic Planet Challenge


Completing the challenge is easy:

  1. Teach your pupils about plastic pollution using our resources
  2.  Invite your pupils to create a poster to encourage people to not litter and to recycle more plastic to help beat plastic pollution. Posters must be images only (no text or titles)
  3. Select 1 winner per age group in your schools (5-7/8-11), take a photograph or scan the image and submit your entries by clicking the button below (before midnight on July 5th, 2018)

A winning poster design will be nominated for in each age category (5-7/8-11) from all school entries. These designs will be used to create a customised design for refillable BPA free plastic bottle. The winning schools will each receive 50 customised bottles for their eco-teams and teachers. 



The challenge will launch on UN World Environment Day, June 5th and will run until midnight on the 5th July 2018.

You will be notified by the 10th July if your school has won.

Young people who put their posters up at home (after judging) and send in a photo of it, have a chance to earn a special certificate. Details below.

See full terms and conditions

Ocean Protector Certificates

Calling all Wastebuster Cadets! Captain Busta needs your help...

The Wastebusters need kids to tell everyone that we shouldn’t litter plastics and we should recycle more to protect our oceans.

Use your secret weapon…PESTER POWER to get your parents and families involved! You can do it! Because litter things matter! There are 3 award certificates you can get;

Mission 1

Busta’s Poster Award

Get your crayons out, it’s time to bring some colour into the world of waste!

All you need to do is:

  • Make a poster to tell everyone to recycle more and litter less, to beat plastic pollution. 
  • Stick it up in your home, somewhere everybody will see it and take a photo 
  • Send your photo to Busta to claim your Busta’s Poster certificate!

You can Watch the Litter Things Matter movie to see Boo making his Litter Things Matter poster and getting his badge certificate too!

Mission 2

Busta's Boogie Award

Bust out your best moves to the Busta and Pong recycling song to get everyone into the recycling groove!

All you need to do is:

  • Watch the Busta and Pong recycling song
  • Make up a dance (with your friends or family) and take a video or take a photo
  • Send your video or photo to Busta to claim your Busta’s Boogie certificate!

Mission 3

Busta’s Big Clean up Award

Get involved in a tidy up and you will be protecting wildlife from plastic. Be a little wild animals hero!

All you need to do is:

  • Ask your family if you can take a bag and gloves next time you go for a walk on the beach, in the park or forest and collect any items you find to recycle or dispose of safely.

Find out where an organised tidy-up is taking place near you or ask if it is possible to do one in your school. Make sure you take a bag and gloves to pick up the litter, and make sure you are accompanied by a responsible adult!

  • Take a photo of what you have collected, and then make sure to recycle what you can
  • Send Busta your photo to claim your Busta’s Big Clean Up badge certificate!

Important Thing to Remember Cadets!

You will need the help of a responsible parent/ guardian to complete all your missions, as they must help you with your activities and entries.

Once you submit your entry to Busta, your photo or video will be reviewed. Once verified by Starfleet commander Captain Busta, you will receive a badge mission e-certificate by email.

Win Your Very Own Busta!

Some lucky Wastebuster Cadets that complete all 3-Busta award challenges will be selected to win their very own Busta mascot or Wastebuster Top Trumps!

This little Busta is very special as he is made from just 5 recycled plastic bottles! Want to know how?