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Why Do Animals Eat Ocean Plastic?

Turtle Sea

Why Do Animals Eat Ocean Plastic?

One of the biggest issues surrounding plastic pollution and ocean plastics is that animals eat and consume large quantities of the stuff! This is extremely bad for their health and often kills them, whether a bird, a fish or a mammal. It can also affect humans as the toxins in plastic travel through the food chain, eventually reaching us. 

A new study has suggested that the reason so many animals are eating ocean plastic is because it smells like food to them! The ‘micro-plastic’ picks up biological material such as algae, that stick to the plastic and in turn makes the plastic smell like food.  

It’s estimated that a whopping 90% of seabirds eat ocean plastics, with the number set to rise as pollution increases! In fact, scientist’s think that if current trends continue every bird will be eating plastic by 2050. That might seem like a way off but it will have massively negative impact on wildlife! 

Imagine if your plastic bags, pens and even your TV smelled like freshly baked cookies! It would be hard to resist, right?