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What is Micro-plastic?


What is Micro-plastic?

Over time larger ocean plastic waste like toothbrushes, plastic bags and water bottles break down into tiny pieces. Those 5 millimetres or less (about the size of a sesame seed) are known as micro plastics.  This plastic is extremely harmful to animals in the ocean as it’s eaten in vast quantities by wildlife. 

Some of this micro-plastic becomes ‘nano-plastic’ that can actually get into the tissue membranes of fish and poison them. This affects their reproduction, immunities and survival skills in general.  

The harm this could do to humans as the plastic gets into the food chain is still unclear but this threat was a large part of why the US and UK banned beauty products and face scrubs that used micro-beads in 2015 and 2016. Scientists are aware that these plastics are entering our bodies through both the food chain and water supplies and some fear we’re heading for some serious health problems in the future.