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Surfing The Tide of Change

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Surfing The Tide of Change

Ocean plastic pollution is not just a health concern for the inhabitants of the sea but also those trying to catch some waves! Zack Noyle captured this amazing photograph off the coast of Indonesia showing just how bad ocean pollution has got in some areas.  

Beaches this polluted are by no means isolated to just Indonesia. All over the world habitats are almost ruined by plastic pollution, affecting those that depend on the ocean for survival as well as those that want to enjoy it. As Noyle himself puts it: “No one person or country is to blame--it’s all of us.”

Luckily there are a variety of proactive groups of surfers prepared to campaign, spread awareness and clean beaches to help reduce ocean plastic pollution. 

Organizations like @Kyle Thiermann’s Surfing for change, Surf Rider, Sas, Save The Waves, Waste To Waves… are having a hugely positive impact. Check them out and get involved!